When to Replace Your Cutting Board

NJD When to Replace Your Cutting Board

Is it time to replace your wood cutting board? You know the one. You've had it for years and it's not looking so hot. You have never oiled it and it's covered with scratches and water spots. If your cutting board has deep grooves and scratches from heavy use it's best to replace it and start fresh. Grooves and scratches on the surface of the board trap moisture. We all know moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria.

A well maintained cutting board can be left out on display. I like to lean a cutting board against the backsplash to cover up unused electrical outlets. When you're entertaining, set cheese, nuts and grapes on a wood board for a quick and easy snack. Cutting boards are a work horse in the kitchen. Once you decide to replace your cutting board, follow these directions to keep it looking new. A little care will ensure your new board stays looking great for years to come.



Wash your board after every use. Use a small amount of soap on a wet sponge to remove any food and juices and rinse the board well with warm water. Remember wood is porous. Do not put your wood cutting board in the dishwasher or soak it in water. The excessive moisture will cause the wood to expand and crack.



Vinegar has antimicrobial properties that make it a great alternative to bleach as a gentle sanitizer. On its own it will not kill certain bacterias, such as Staphylococcus, but a small amount will sanitize your cutting board. It also inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and odors. Apply Pure White Vinegar to a moist rag and wipe the cutting board thoroughly. 



Soak up excess moisture with a towel and allow the board to air dry completely. If you wash your board in the evening let it dry out overnight.



Once the board is dry it’s time to apply a coating of oil. Oiling protects the wood from warping while keeping juices and odors from soaking into the wood.

Using a clean, dry rag, make sure the surface is clean of any dust, dirt or pet hair that may have settled while it was drying . Apply a generous amount of oil to the entire board and rub it in with a clean rag or your hands.

Only use food safe, mineral oil or 100% pure tung oil. Olive oil, vegetable oil or nut oils of any kind will go rancid and can cause contamination issues. Once the oil has soaked into the board give it time to dry and you are set!


Ready to replace that old board with something clean and stylish? Here are a few of my favorite cutting boards:


1. Large Reversible Thick Acacia Wood Cutting Board 16x12x1.5 - Purchase Here

I love this board because it pulls double duty. One side has a juice groove to contain messes when your prepping and chopping. The opposite side has a "cracker holder" that is carved into the board for serving meats and cheeses. I could also see this holding nuts or garnishes on a bar. There are convenient handles carved into the sides for easy carrying and serving. I want this cutting board, like yesterday. Made of sustainable Acacia Wood.



2. Charcutier Board - Purchase Here



3. Legacy Bamboo Organic Cutting Board Set Of 2 - Purchase Here



4. Joseph Joseph Set of 3 Nesting Neat Chop Plastic Cutting Boards - Purchase Here

You're plastic cutting boards will eventually need to be replaced as well so I wanted to share this set of 3 Joseph Joseph Nesting Cutting boards. They are dishwasher safe and have a Non-Slip Base. The curved ends make it easy to slide your chopped goodness into a bowl or pan without making a mess. 


HOMWE Kitchen Set of 3 Plastic Cutting Boards - Purchase Here

And finally, this set of 3 BPA free plastic cutting boards. Non-slip feet keep the board in place, juice grooves keep messes contained and handles make them easy to grab and hold.


If you want to get a jump on your holiday shopping list, cutting boards make great gifts! Looking for something else? From canisters and cake stands to freestanding islands, check out my curated list of kitchen accessories here

Does your kitchen need a bigger face lift than just a new cutting board? Now is the time to replace your countertops, cabinet hardware, plumbing and light fixtures before holidays guests arrive. Contact us to discuss a mini makeover for your kitchen.

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