Make $5000 and sell your home faster by painting your bathroom this color

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Did you know a can of paint can help sell your home for over $5,000 more than you expect? Zillow recently released data from their 2017 Paint Color Analysis Study. They reviewed 32,000 photos from sold listings all over the country. Comparing similar rooms, they analyzed how walls painted a color vs walls painted white impacted the homes average sale price. The study revealed that homes with light blue bathrooms had the highest sales premium of all the colors they analyzed. These homes sold for an average of $5,440 more than expected! 


Yarmouth Blue by Benjamin Moore

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Blue is associated with words like serenity, reflection and calm and is proven to lower our heart rate and blood pressure. It’s no wonder blue is a popular choice for bedrooms and bathrooms. These are the rooms we retreat to for relaxation.

Alternately, having no color on the walls can negatively impact the sale price of your home. The study also found that homes with white bathroom walls sold for an average of $4,035 less than similar homes. That's a difference of $9475 between white and blue bathrooms! So if you are putting your home on the market or just need a little R&R grab a paint brush.

Here are a few of my favorite Benjamin Moore Bathroom Blues:

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