Rust-Oleum Recalls Countertop Coating Due to Lead Levels


On August 30, 2018, Rust-Oleum Corp., of Vernon Hills, IL, recalled 1800 one-quart (32 fluid ounce) containers of Black Satin Countertop Coating. 

Although no injuries are reported, the product was found to contain lead levels exceeding what is allowed by the federal lead paint ban. Lead is toxic if ingested by young children and can cause adverse health issues. This is especially alarming for a product that markets itself for use on food prep surfaces. 

You can learn about lead paint exposure on the EPAs website

The recall involves cans with product number 263209 and batch code P7612D. The product number and batch code can be found on the bottom of the can. The can is silver and the label on the can is green and white. The label reads “countertop coating,” “black satin,” “renew laminate surfaces,” and “moisture & scratch resistant.”.

Image - Rust-Oleum

Image - Rust-Oleum


Between June 2017 to February 2018 approximately 1800 cans were sold in the US. They were purchased through home improvement stores and online retailers including; Ace Hardware,, and The product pages have been removed from the websites mentioned as of this posting. 

Countertop Coating products have become popular among DIYers and home decor bloggers for updating laminate countertops on a budget without the cost of removal and installation of new countertops. This product in-particular claims to “renew laminate countertops, cabinets and furniture”.


If you purchased a can of Rust-Oleum Black Satin Countertop Coating with the recalled product number and batch code and

Have not used it:

You will receive a full refund plus an additional $25 to return the unused product to Rust-Oleum

Have applied it to your countertop or surface:

Stop using the surface immediately and contact Rust-Oleum. They are working with customers to provide repair kits or replacement of the affected surfaces.


If you are effected by the recall, contact Rust-Oleum 8am-5pm CT Monday through Friday.


Read the Press Release here

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