How to repair cabinet scratches with a Touch Up kit

Nicole Janes Design How to Repair Cabinet Scratches with a Touch-Up Kit

Your kitchen takes a beating and eventually your cabinets will get a scratch. All of our cabinets ship with a customer care kit that includes a fill stick and a marker/touch-up pen that matches your cabinet finish. This will be used during installation to fill nail holes and to repair nicks and scratches that may have occurred during shipping or installation. Whether you are installing your cabinetry yourself or having it installed by a professional, touch ups are necessary step in the installation process. Once installation is complete many homeowners aren’t even aware of where the touch-ups were applied. Later you will use your touch-up kit to repair scratches and wear that occur from everyday use.

Cabinet Touch Up Kit


The fill stick is similar to a crayon or putty bar and is used to fill in nail holes, deep scratches, cuts or gouges. Simply apply the fill stick with pressure to ensure it completely fills the defect. Excess can be carefully removed and smoothed to match the surface with a plastic scraper or even an old credit card. The area should then be wiped with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth.


Use the marker/pen to repair scratches, excessive wear marks and edges where raw wood is exposed such as miter joints where two pieces of molding meet. Shake the pen well before using. Remove the cap and simply run the tip over the defect. It may take several light coats to conceal the damage completely. Excess can be removed by lightly applying some mineral spirits on a clean, dry, lint-free cloth. Be sure to cap the pen following each use to prevent the felt tip from drying out

Keep a touch-up kit on had for regular cabinet maintenance. If your touch-up kit is used up or misplaced, contact us to order a new kit at any time.

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