Fall 2018 One Room Challenge Week 3

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Welcome back to our One Room Challenge Week 3 recap.  

As is usually the case with projects moving at this fast pace, there was a slight change of plans this week. I visited the bedroom for the first time to start building the bed. Remember this started off as an e-design project. I decided the head of the bed should go on the shorter window wall.

I keep mentioning that I went into this challenge at the very last minute and I’m finalizing the plans as we go along. Case in point.

Where the bed is currently situated there is only a narrow walkway to walk around the foot of the bed. Putting the head of the bed on the far window wall will open up floor space at the foot of the bed. It will also make the room feel larger.

The available wall space where the head of the bed is now is about 105” from the corner to the door casing. The window wall we will be moving it to is about 103”. The walkway on the sides of the bed are still narrow and even a little tighter. But they were already narrow on the current wall. The floor space at the foot of the bed will give us the appearance of a larger room.

Neither layout is ideal as far as walkway clearances are concerned but the new layout is more appealing.

This new layout will also line up the ceiling light fixture with the center of the bed. The light is smack dab in the center of the overall room leaving it about 18” off center from the bed. We are replacing the old boob with a beautiful new fixture so it deserves to be a focal point.

I am excited to get my hands on the new light fixture this week once it arrives. Some assembly is required so that will be interesting. Follow along on Instagram @nicolejanesdesign to get a sneak peak when it is delivered.

Of course, there are repercussions to this decision. Because the wall the bed will be on is a smidge narrower the original night stands I selected are too wide. So back to the drawing board we go. I’m currently on the prowl for a narrow nightstand with metal legs and fast shipping. I’m also still searching for lamps.

I assembled the bed frame we picked up during our IKEA trip in Week 2 and set up our new Crave Mattress. I am so very pleased with the quality of this mattress. Because it is low VOC, there was no smell when we removed it from the plastic.

I remember opening my mattress in a box for my own bed. The smell it gave off for several days was very strong and unpleasant. To unwrap this Crave Mattress and have none of the strong chemical smell was very impressive.

The mattress opened up to about 7” right away. It took about 24 hours for it to open to its full 9 1/2” thickness.


After laying on this bed I might be upgrading myself to a hybrid innerspring mattress very soon. I have my eye on their 12" Luxury Ultra Plush Innerspring Mattress. I received a text from the beds new owner after her first night sleep on the new mattress. She couldn’t believe how comfortable it was. It’s always a little nerve wracking choosing something so personal like a mattress for someone else. But this was a home run.

I know I’ve been off to a slow start compared to some of the other ORC’ers intense projects. I’ve been doing a lot of legwork on my end but not much has been happening in the actual room yet. This week we will start to see some real changes. The drapery panels will be ready to install and our light fixture will be delivered. The action is about to begin!

Week 3 is our halfway point. Just two more weeks of sweat and hustle and then the big reveal.

That’s all for Week 3. Follow along on Instagram @nicolejanesdesign and join our e-mail list to be the first to know when new One Room Challenge posts go live on the blog. That includes the big reveal I know you are dying to see!

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