Fall 2018 One Room Challenge Week 1

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Here we go! It’s week one of the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge and we are off to the races!

This is my first time participating and I am very excited. Most of you know the ORC started as a way for a group of design bloggers to complete one space in their own home over six weeks. As the saying goes, the Cobbler's children have no shoes. Instead of a space for myself I will complete a bedroom for a lovely young woman just starting out in her career. I see it as an opportunity to give back and put some positive vibes out into the universe. And some gray hairs on my head. I kind of feel like Oprah…

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This young woman contacted me about e-design services. She wanted me to put together a design and shopping list for her to work off of as she moves forward with her bedroom. Most of the items from her college apartment were hand me downs, second hand finds or picked up off the curb after move out days when students don’t want to move furniture home over summer break. After graduation she immediately moved into her first solo apartment. The pieces she kept, while functional, are well worn and ready to be replaced. There is not much worth salvaging or that reflects her style. This will be a fresh start.

While asking questions about her wants and needs for the room I got to know a bit about her. After putting herself through college while juggling work and an internship she graduated last spring. She took a position as a social worker at a non-profit health care provider. Her casework focuses on assisting patients living with HIV and AIDS. Providing resources and sometimes just being there to talk or listen and provide emotional support. I imagine that becomes emotionally draining day after day. After hearing this and seeing photos of her room as-is I made the decision to complete her bedroom for the challenge.

I know how important it is to have a calming space to come home to after a long day. Even if it’s just one room that’s clean and finished. I would like to give her a bedroom that feels like a refuge where she can unwind. A space that reflects her style with pieces that will transition as her tastes and needs evolve over time. We should all have a space we look forward to coming home to at the end of the day.

Here is what we’re starting with:

One Room Challenge Fall 2018 Existing Bedroom 9.jpg
One Room Challenge Fall 2018 Existing Bedroom 10.jpg
One Room Challenge Fall 2018 Existing Bedroom 15.jpg
One Room Challenge Fall 2018 Existing Bedroom 11.jpg
One Room Challenge Fall 2018 Existing Bedroom 13.jpg

These are the inspiration photos she shared with me.

Bedroom Inspiration One Room Challenge Fall 2018
Bedroom Inspiration One Room Challenge Fall 2018 2

Light and airy. Maybe a touch of boho with lots of plants.

Because this is a rental there are limitations on what can and can not be done. The carpet has to stay and we can’t paint any of the oak trim or doors. And there are a lot of doors. In the last photo you can see the door that exits to the parking lot on the back wall. We will have to work with some of the existing features in the space. That just means I need to put my magic design wizard hat on. Repeat after me. “I am a visionary.”

I have put off participating in the ORC for a looooong time because honestly, I am a serial procrastinator when it comes to doing things for myself. This opportunity presented itself at the very last minute and I am working out the details as I go along. I’m not exaggerating when I say the budget is tight. It’s going to be a lot of elbow grease and maybe some blood but hopefully not. I feel good about it though and that is what’s important. I’m riding a rainbow of positivity for the next 5 weeks. So hop on, follow along and watch the magic unfold. Wish me luck in the comments!

Follow on Instagram and get on e-mail list for a reminder to check back next Thursday. I will have a mood board with our final selections and a game plan to share with you.

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