An Easy Fix For Hard To Reach Outlets Behind Furniture

Easy Fix Hard To Reach Electrical Outlets Behind Furniture Bed Couch Double Plug Sofa Cord Nicole Janes Design

I am a proponent of doing things right the first time. Particularly when it comes to home design. Small details are easily overlooked when viewing floor plans on paper. They may seem minor in theory but will have a major impact on how your space functions in real life. This is a great reason to work with a designer while you are in the planning phase. It is our job to catch and correct mistakes, saving you from making costly corrections down the road.

Unfortunately, architects and builders do not always plan electrical outlets in the most useful location on the wall. After all these years, I am still shocked when I review a set of plans and find a single outlet centered behind the head of the bed in a master bedroom. This is also a problem when the outlet is located behind a couch or console in the living room. We live in a world where just about everything has a charger. Not having easy access to an outlet is unacceptable.

So how do we deal with inconveniently placed outlets if relocating them is not an option? Allow me to introduce the couch cord!

Nicole Janes Design Easy Extension Cord Fix Hard To Reach Electrical Outlets Behind Furniture Bed Couch Double Plug Sofa Cord.jpg

Couch cords (also known as sofa cords) are basically two separate extension cords joined in the center at the main plug. There are typically three outlets on each end of the cord giving you six total. Each length of cord runs around six feet long for an overall length of twelve feet. No more twisting your arm behind the couch to plug in a lamp or charge your phone.


The plug below has a flat head. This is also called a wall hugger. It sits flush on the wall and doesn't protrude or obstruct furniture that sits in front of it. This is especially nice behind a bed. Accommodating a regular plug (not a wall hugger) can push the mattress or box spring about two inches away from the wall.


If you are in the planning phase of a new build or remodel, take this opportunity to hire a designer. They will help you catch mistakes like these. If you are in an existing home that has poorly placed outlets, save your elbows and get a couch cord. 


Wall Hugger Couch Cords

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