10 Affordable Storage Solutions to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

Organize your kitchen cabinets with these 10 affordable storage solutions Nicole Janes Design Kitchen Organization

Are your cabinets a cluttered mess? Do things spill out when you open the cabinet door? Maybe you just don’t have enough storage space. Use these easy and affordable organization tools to get your kitchen cabinets clean and organized before the holidays.

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Over The Door 8-Tier Wall Mount Spice Rack Organizer

Add extra storage to your pantry while making space on the shelf for bulky items like your crock pot and small appliances. If you don't have a pantry or door, you can mount it to the wall.



Stackable Can Rack Organizer

These can racks are stackable and easy to assemble. They come with plastic tabs to keep the cans aligned and neatly organized. Put them on the counter, inside cabinets or in the pantry. It’s 13 1/2” deep so check your dimensions if you plan on using it in a wall cabinet.


Over Cabinet Door Organizer

Store pans, cutting boards, wraps and foils, etc. in this storage rack. It comes with hooks to set it over a cabinet door. It also includes screws to mount the rack to a cabinet door or wall for a more permanent installation. 


Pan and Pot Organizer Rack Holder

Did you know that stacking nonstick pans on top of each other can scratch the surface and damage the nonstick finish? This pan and lid rack will save space by stacking your pans while protecting them from damage. This model can be installed vertically or horizontally. Install it horizontally to store pans, lids and cutting boards on their side.


2 Pack Pot Lid Organizer Rack

Your pot and pan lids can be organized and easy to grab. Mount these lid racks to the cabinet door, on the inside wall of a cabinet or to the wall. 


Clear Stacking Food Packet Organizer Bins

Keep pouches and packets inside your cabinets contained with these stacking organizer bins. They come in a set of 4 and 8 (the 8 pack is your best value). Organize all the smaller items that get lost and shuffled around inside your cabinets. These are great for separating spice and seasoning packets, hot chocolate, small packages and fruit snacks, granola bars and small treats for pets and kids. You can also use these in your bathroom!


simplehuman Stainless Steel Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder

You can mount this paper towel holder vertically or horizontally. Attach it to the wall or the underside of a cabinet. To reduce visual clutter, install it horizontally inside your sink base cabinet to keep it close at hand but out of sight. Even the largest rolls will fit.

This paper towel holder has a 5 year warranty!


Large Two Shelf Organizer

The simplest way to get extra storage is to add an extra shelf. This coated steel wire shelf won’t rust or scratch your cabinets. Organize dishes and boxes of wraps and foil. Or place the organizer in your freezer to easily stack frozen foods or casserole dishes.


Horizontal Dish Plate Storage Rack

Store your plates horizontally with this steel dish storage rack by YAMAZAKI. It comes in small and large sizes and black and white finish options.


10” Turntable Lazy Susan

Do you knock everything over trying to grab a spice jar in the back of the cabinet? Place lazy susans side by side in your wall cabinet to keep spices, bottles of oils and small containers in place and easy to reach. This model uses an easy to clean, soft grip lining that keeps items from falling over and sliding around. The 10” diameter will fit inside most wall cabinets.


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What cabinet organizer you use that you couldn’t live without? Tell me in the comments.

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